Read the title of this post, your mind must be fixed directly to the manager of human resources (HR) in your office. Your brain also works to “compare” title at the top with her manager, HR person, then you give a personal assessment: “oh, yes, my HR manager to work very effectively, reliably, and good.” Could you also give a personal interpretation, “Wow , HR managers I’ve worked with a maximum. There are still many things that need to he studied. ”

This paper will not satisfy your curiosity if you imagine it will peel like the human resources manager about your ideas. However, this paper will invite you to look at three important words from the title above, the “manager”, “HR”, and “effective.” Then, point to yourself: would not you also a manager for yourself? Did you not also a resource (HR) that you need to manage? Did not manage yourself you can do it effectively?

So, you begin to understand the direction this topic, is not it? Yes, this discussion refers to yourself because you who must be “an effective HR manager” it. How?

1. Realize that you are a manager

The first step is you need to realize that you are also a manager, not just a “regular employees”. You have the right to lead and manage themselves well; and a good manager is called to the manager. Realizing that you are a manager, of actions and ways of thinking will be directed. You will not feel inferior and feel they have no ability to manage the quality when you realize that you are also a leader, a good manager.

Your Personal is also the human resources that need to be managed; and you alone managers. Thus, is not correct to say you’re a “manager human resources”? At first realize that you are an HR manager’s then your steps would be effective, you personally will not operate and the performance of your home there are always leads to success.

2. Take advantage of “Space and Time” by Fine

As an HR manager, to be able to work effectively, you need to take advantage of “space and time” with good. “Space” shows that activity in the working world you are in a place or area that might be filled with competition, whether it is competitive product, brand, or who want to interpersonal competition promotion. “Time” shows that the motions of your step there is duration, not all time you do a task. There are obvious limitations, for example, one job must be completed within days, months, or years.

You must utilize the time and space well in order to work or your responsibilities produce maximum results. That’s all you can do only if an effective HR manager within you worked so well.

Here’s one illustration that you can consider. A section chief ordered one of his subordinates to work more time at the office to get more results. “If 10 hours is not enough, do it within 12 hours, ‘so advise the head part. The child is the fruit even then perform their duties more than 12 hours so her boss targets achieved.

However, other companies, say the competitors, its employees can perform the same task in just over 5 hours, half the time shorter. Why does this happen? It turned out that the corporate culture leads them to become effective managers of human resources. “If the work can normally be done within 10 hours, why we do not think trying to do can be completed in 5 hours?” Is it possible? Very possibly. Do the job effectively, not wasting my time wasted, have targets as accurately as possible, plus your ability more than most average people, and … discipline. Maybe you can try.

3. Know What You Do

This subtitle may seem strange to you. “I definitely know what I do. If not, how could I accepted to work at this company, “you said maybe. For this limit, you are right; that you know your duties. However, often times you are not guided properly, so you begin to lose self-control. Try starting more sensitive to see the situation around you, and answer these questions for yourself: “does your boss know what to do for a change for the better?” Does your peers know what they should do to stay focused on the field each task? Are the ideals of a change in the face of crisis, for instance, has embedded within each individual and becomes a common culture?

Some questions that should be addressed to any yourself. As manager of human resources effectively whether you’ve done your tasks well, are not overlook the time and opportunity, is also an opportunity for a success? Hopefully the answer is to please you.

4. Every Opportunity to Respond Quickly and Precisely

Things that often distinguishes between a leader or manager the person who led or managed is “the ability of the manager,” capable of responding to every opportunity with a fast and precise. Opportunities for success are then dijabarkannya into smaller tasks to be transferred to his men. The best news is, you also must be able to effectively become manager of human resources for yourself by practicing your responses to a success. Improve the quality of thinking and acting, practice calmness in times of urgency, though the emotions, and practice skills in organizing themselves so that your response to a chance for success is increasingly steadily.

The speed of response to an opportunity often becomes the entrance to the success of course desirable that every person working in a company. Imagine if every person who works has a very high awareness that they are also an “effective manager of human resources.” Effective response will be made jointly and that was very happy because step by step success will be felt and enjoyed together. Hopefully you have become an effective manager of human resources so that the slightest inspiration from yourself useful to the company.

5. Have a High Concern

A manager must have a high concern for individuals who lead and our product. He will joyfully perform careful planning, appropriate action, and evaluation that leads to joint repair. Awareness of the process that is what makes an effective human resource managers. You also must be able to do the same thing. As an effective human resource managers, lead yourself to care about your job, to the ways of improving quality, of the gaps that could be penetrated to win the competition, and care for our colleagues to work with you.

Thus, in addition you know the tasks that must be done, you also need to understand what was done to your partner. This concern will take you to the good cooperation and mutual benefit. Do not busy yourself with the duties and private interests, while your co-workers ‘struggling’ to do tasks for mutual success. Interwoven is a sense of caring for each other you can do because you realize that you are an effective HR manager, rather than feeling as ordinary employees are often lured to lack confidence in performing a task.


FIFTH points above certainly will not be enough to explain and remind you that you are an effective HR manager. As a manager, you are entitled to achieve success with coworkers, superiors, your subordinates as well. The best steps that start from ourselves. Effectively manage yourself. Lead yourself wisely. Control of ideas, ideas, or arguments yourself so as not to wild or aimlessly. All of these can you do if you’re as good human resource manager, without having to occupy high positions in your office. Activity at any level, you remain an effective HR manager … and you are entitled to succeed according to your best personal targets. Okay … as soon pimpin yourself, because the best jobs are waiting for you with a work team.


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